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Suffolk County Waterway

The Suffolk County Water Quality Restoration Act will allow Suffolk County voters to determine the future of our water quality infrastructure. We need a dedicated and sustainable funding source to modernize our wastewater infrastructure systems to solve the county’s water quality problems. Due to generations of inaction, our beaches, bays, and groundwater are in dire need of investment.

Sign this petition today and urge your Suffolk Legislators to give you, the voters, the chance to decide the future of a clean water future.

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We are writing to urge you to put the Suffolk County Water Quality Restoration Act on the 2023 November election ballot. We want the chance to vote for a clean water future.

For years, we have read about the harmful effects of nitrogen pollution in our waterways. Research shows that nitrogen from sewage is suffocating our bays and harbors, contaminating drinking water, and causing fishkills and harmful algae blooms.

Restoring clean, healthy water requires drastically reducing nitrogen pollution from Suffolk County’s 380,000 nitrogen-polluting septic systems. This will only be possible if it’s affordable for residents and business owners. We need a dedicated funding source to eliminate polluting wastewater systems now.

The best way to do this is letting Suffolk County residents vote on creating a funding source through an 1/8 of a penny addition to the county sales tax. This would create a Suffolk County Water Quality Restoration Fund to connect homes and businesses to sewer systems and install clean water septic systems.

We urge you to put the Suffolk County Water Quality Restoration Act on our November ballots. We deserve the right to vote on our future.