About Us

Hi! We are Action Network, a mission-driven organization dedicated to building progressive power. Our goal is to empower progressive activism through organizing, mobilization, and digital strategies -- anything that brings people together and motivates them to act for progressive change.

Action Network, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization, trains and educates progressives about organizing and mobilizing with technology. Action Network is also the sole shareholder of Action Squared Inc., the maker of the Action Network and Action Builder toolsets. (Which are now union-made!)

Since launching in 2012, the Action Network toolset has powered many of the largest mobilizations of the last decade, including the Black Friday Walmart Strikes, the Women’s March, and the Climate Strike. The Action Builder toolset, launched in 2019, is helping dozens of unions and progressive organizations develop and empower leaders and build strong, deep organizing campaigns.

Our toolsets are owned by our company Action Squared, which in turn is wholly owned by our 501(c)(4) parent organization Action Network. Action Squared builds digital tools in collaboration with progressive organizations that hundreds of organizations use to mobilize supporters and organize activists around progressive causes. Action Network Fund, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is the sister organization of Action Network dedicated to helping progressive organizations incorporate organizing strategies alongside their mobilization, digital, and data programs in order to build progressive power.

Because we are wholly owned by a nonprofit, our only concern is how to build the best technology for building power. We build our tools through a unique development model, forming deep partnerships with progressive organizations to build technology in true collaboration. Our partners set our core development roadmap, which makes sure the technology continues to serve the needs of our partners and the wider movement.

Read more about Action Squared’s progressive approach to building movement technology.