Stand With Striking Woodworkers at Weyerhaeuser


Despite reporting record profits (Weyco reported a revenue of $10.63 BILLION dollars, a profit increase of 8.28% from the previous year), Weyerhaeuser is demanding cuts to healthcare and wage increases that aren’t sufficient to support a family on. Weyerhaeuser has been chopping away at the pay and benefits of their rural workforce for years. Weyerhaeuser is turning what was once a community-sustaining job into something exploitative. Timber workers and their families deserve better. Weyerhaeuser has to do better. IAM Woodworkers have taken the courageous step to stand up to corporate greed and are on strike!

Sign and share this petition to tell Weyerhaeuser: Timber Workers and their families deserve living wages, good healthcare, and a secure retirement.

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We stand in support of striking woodworkers at Weyerhaeuser!