Support UAW Members and Union Jobs at Oshkosh Defense

Oshkosh Defense, USPS Board of Governors

The USPS’s Next Generation Delivery Vehicle is an opportunity for the Biden administration to make real investments in both a cleaner future and good union jobs, but the contract as it currently stands fails on both accounts.

According to President Biden’s Build Back Better plan, when public money is used to buy vehicles they should be electric and made in the United States with union labor.

The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) awarded the $6 billion contract for the next generation of postal vehicles to Oshkosh Defense, a company with a reputation for tough military trucks built with union labor with just a small number of electric vehicles on order.

But instead of using this opportunity to expand quality jobs under a decades-old union contract, the company plans to refurbish a vacant warehouse in another state and build these vehicles without a commitment to union wages or representation.

Many are unhappy about the way USPS has gone about this contract for the next generation of U.S. postal vehicles because they will not help solve the problems of climate change, and they aren’t going to be built with union labor. USPS needs to fix its mistakes.

Let’s Build Back Better and put letter carriers in union-made vehicles that are good for the planet.

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I support good union jobs and the transition to a cleaner future. When public money is used to purchase vehicles, that money should support union jobs and contribute to a cleaner fleet of vehicles. But the recent $6 billion USPS contract with Oshkosh Defense for next generation postal vehicles does neither.

Union workers built Oshkosh Defense and the reputation for durable military and other trucks that helped the company win the USPS contract. As members of UAW Local 578 since 1938, they have negotiated fair wages, benefits and workplace rights that help sustain strong families and communities.

The next generation postal vehicle is a huge opportunity to use public money to build a sustainable future. I urge Oshkosh Defense and the USPS to ensure that production of these vehicle promotes good union jobs and a cleaner future.