Thank You for Lifting Up Registered Apprenticeships!

Thank you, Secretary Walsh, for lifting up registered apprenticeships. National Apprenticeship Week. AFL-CIO.

As the labor movement, we already know registered apprenticeships are valuable and are good union jobs.

But more people need to know. So send a thank-you card to Labor Secretary Marty Walsh for spreading the word through National Apprenticeship Week.

Registered apprenticeships are good for employers and good for working people.

Employers develop a highly skilled workforce. And working people get paid work experience, classroom learning and a pathway to success.

There are registered apprenticeships across industries like hospitality, telecom, cybersecurity, construction and advanced manufacturing. The people working in these industries will literally build our future.

And the average starting salary after completing a registered apprenticeship is $77,000. Registered apprenticeships are a pathway to a career and financial stability.

So add your name to our thank-you card to Labor Secretary Walsh for lifting up registered apprenticeships.

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