Tell Your Senators: Thank You for Voting for the Inflation Reduction Act

3 fast facts about the Inflation Reduction Act. 1. It lowers prescription drug costs and extends health coverage. 2. It invests in climate, energy and American manufacturing. 3. It taxes corporations and the superrich.

The Inflation Reduction Act will fight inflation by cutting the cost of health care and energy for millions of Americans. It’ll fix our broken tax system where corporations and the megarich don’t pay their fair share. Add your name to thank the senators who are voting to pass this bill.

Tax corporations and reduce costs for working people? These policies are just common sense—which is why 73% of voters support this bill.

Here are eight ways the Inflation Reduction Act will help working people:

1. Negotiate lower drug prices for seniors.
2. Cap future drug price increases.
3. Improve Medicare prescription benefits.
4. Prevent a premium spike for Affordable Care Act enrollees.
5. Invest in our climate and energy and manufacturing jobs.
6. Strengthen IRS enforcement on the megarich.
7. Impose a 15% minimum tax on big corporations.
8. Close the “carried interest” tax loophole.

This Inflation Reduction Act offers our country a real chance to build a safer, healthier and cleaner future.

Instead of blaming working people for inflation, Senate Democrats are voting to pass a bill that will reduce inflation. Add your name to say thank you.

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