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Tell Congress to Tax Wall Street and Get a Free 'I Am the 99%' Bumper Sticker

We bailed out Wall Street. Now, Wall Street needs to pay its fair share to put America back to work and rebuild our economy. One way to do that is with a financial speculation tax used to create jobs, lay the groundwork for long-term economic prosperity and help reduce the national debt.

Call your senators to support a financial transactions tax, and we'll send you a free "I am the 99%" bumper sticker. It's easy to call. When you're ready to make your call, fill in your information below, including a phone number where we can reach you right now. Then, click "Submit."

If you complete at least one call, we'll send you a free “I am the 99%” bumper sticker. (Limit one per household.) Don't have a senator? Ask the operator for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's office.