Share your story about how voter suppression efforts have affected you

Across the country, extreme lawmakers have launched an all-out assault on the fundamental right to vote. 

Last year alone, 42 restrictive voting laws, including voter ID bills, were introduced across the country and dozens of other voter suppression measures have passed in the last few years that, in effect, would disenfranchise millions of eligible voters, particularly students, seniors and people of color who don’t possess the kind of ID these laws mandate.

And it does not stop there. States also have passed laws making it harder for working people to vote by restricting early voting and putting up barriers to registration.

Make your voice heard about the harm these misguided laws are doing to working people. Share your story about how you have been affected by new voter suppression measures.

Please fill out the form below to tell us your story and help us shine a light on this extreme agenda to silence the voice of millions of voters this election year. 

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