Stand Up to American Crystal Sugar Greed

The CEO and board members of American Crystal Sugar (ACS)—the nation’s largest sugar beet processor—have blocked 1,300 workers from their jobs for more than a year, denying them incomes and health care benefits.

What’s worse, ACS made record profits last year and paid CEO David Berg $2.4 million in compensation. All this while workers and families struggle to make ends meet, small businesses—that rely on workers to keep the doors open—have been forced to close, and sugar beet farmers are making less and being forced to “turn under” their crops.

Sign our boycott pledge to let CEO Berg and ACS board members know you won’t stand for their corporate greed.

American Crystal Sugar products being boycotted include American Crystal Sugar bags of sugar labeled Crystal Sugar and “Market Pantry” sugar sold in Target stores in Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin.