Tell Costco: Support Palermo’s Pizza Workers

Costco can make the difference for workers fighting for improved working and safety conditions on the job, but Palermo's Pizza workers need us to put the pressure on. 

As the largest purchaser of Palermo's products, Costco pressure will sway Palermo's executives to stand with workers. 

Pizza workers have been on strike for nearly two months now, fighting for improved working and safety conditions. Palermo’s executives have responded by starting a smear campaign to discredit the legitimate efforts of workers to organize for respect and dignity on the job.

Though Palermo’s CEOs are digging in their heels, we're not giving up.

In the coming weeks, working families across the country will be visiting a Costco in their area to make sure Costco and its customers know what's going on at Palermo’s. 

Take action below by demanding Costco stand with Palermo’s wokers.