New Hampshire is at risk of losing thousands of living wage jobs with good benefits due to irresponsible state budget cuts to education, essential services, and health care funding. Tell New Hampshire House leaders and House Speaker Bill O'Brien that Granite State communities and working families need good jobs, now.

Submit your Application for Good Jobs for the Granite State today.

Thank you for taking action to support working families and fight back against reckless legislative attacks on New Hampshire's middle class.

Yours in solidarity -


Judy Stadtman
Community Organizer
NH AFL-CIO & The Protect NH Families Coalition

To: Leaders of the New Hampshire House of Representatives and House Speaker Bill O'Brien -

By signing this Application for Good Jobs for the Granite State, I confirm that I agree with the following statements:

1. It’s time for reckless politicians in Concord to stop attacking working families and small businesses by forcing through job-killing budget cuts and pushing legislation to weaken collective bargaining rights.

2. Granite State businesses and communities depend on a strong middle class to grow and thrive.

3. The New Hampshire legislature needs to invest in creating more good jobs with good pay and benefits, in every employment sector, without delay.

4. Balancing the budget by cutting education and essential services that New Hampshire families depend on is incompatible with New Hampshire values. It will not make our economy and communities stronger, and will threaten the “New Hampshire Advantage.”

I call on leaders of the state House of Representatives to support realistic solutions for adding good jobs to the Granite State economy, now.
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Thank you for completing the Application for Good Jobs for the Granite State. Your application will be be hand delivered to the House Speaker's office.