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Corporate Greed Over Kids' Needs?

Many of our state legislators voted that way.  SB 619 gave for-profit cyber school companies the full per-pupil allowance (about $7,000 per student) even though they provide no buildings, no buses, no meals, no athletics, no arts, no band, no special education – all those things we expect from quality public schools.

TAX DOLLARS WASTED: SB 619 expands cyber schools to 150,000 students – A BILLION DOLLAR transfer of your tax dollars to corporations without any public accountability.

Cyber schools are experimental, with no regard to success or sustainability.
They only deliver curriculum over a website. An analysis of online programs made by the I-News Network, a Colorado-based in-depth news consortium, and the nonprofit Education News Colorado, revealed that 50 percent of the students left the program within one year and are educationally further behind than when they started. The programs also produce three times as many dropouts as they graduate.

Our kids
' education shouldn't be compromised by another Lansing special interest power grab.

Our schools' resources
shouldn't be squandered on unproven cyber schools with little or no public accountability.

Our politicians
should support our public schools, not bankrupt them by giving away education funds. Please take a moment to send an e-mail telling them so!

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