VA-Sen: George Allen Kept What In His Office?!?!

George Allen has a bit of a problem. It's not entirely clear when it started, but stories from his days in college might be a good place to begin. According to the Washington Post, "at least a half-dozen people, including ones with upstanding reputations and no evident political agendas, have now told journalists that he "used the "'N-Word.'" He even allegedly "nicknamed a teammate 'Wizard' because he shared a last name with the Imperial Wizard of the KKK," according to Salon.

Sadly, it gets worse. According to the New York Times, "as a private citizen, [George] Allen displayed a noose in his office." And the New Republic reported that he hung a Confederate flag in his living room.

When Allen ran for Governor, he even put a Confederate flag in a television ad. As Governor, Allen called the NAACP an "extremist group," didn't have a single African American in his cabinet" and "removed the only black member from the University of Virginia Board of Trustees." According to the Washington Post, "Allen's proposed education standards included references to slaves as 'settlers.'"

As a legislator, Allen voted against recognizing Martin Luther King Day and was proud that he "took a stand" against the 1991 Civil Rights Act.

And, of course, who can forget the racial slur he hurled at a young campaign staffer during his 2006 U.S. Senate campaign.

Tell us which of these you think is the most deplorable of George Allen's past actions.