Small Business Action Committee: Disclose Your Shadowy Out-Of-State Donors Or Get Rid of Them!

Who exactly is behind the Phoenix-based “Americans for Responsible Leadership” (ARL) that just contributed $11 million to a California PAC that’s spending millions to pass the deceptive Prop 32 and attack Prop 30 and school funding?1

We may never fully know, because the group that took the contribution (the deceptively named Small Business Action Committee) refuses to disclose any information about this mystery money. According to the Sacramento Bee, "A spokeswoman for the Small Business Action Committee said she didn't know where Americans for Responsible Leadership got its money."2

And now, the mystery donors are raising serious red flags with the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC). Just yesterday, the FPPC filed suit against ARL after the dark money group refused to disclose its donors.3

California voters deserve to know the truth. It’s unacceptable and unfair to voters when mystery groups like Americans for Responsible Leadership flood California’s elections with “dark money.” If these out-of-state donors have the right to spend unlimited amounts to influence our politics, voters ought to have the right to know who’s really behind the money.

It’s time for the Small Business Action Committee to come clean with California’s voters about who is funding their campaign.

Sign the petition below and tell the Small Business Action Committee to either disclose their “mystery donors” or give the $11 million donation back!

And on November 6th, stand up to the dark money by voting NO on Prop 32 and YES on Prop 30.

Help us Get Out the Vote! Volunteer at a phone bank or precinct walk in your area.

Who are "Americans for Responsible Leadership?"

  • Arizona-based Americans for Responsible Leadership (ARL) is a mystery group that dropped $11 million into the Small Business Action Committee’s No on 30/Yes on 32 account on October 16th.
  • This group does not disclose its donors.
  • ARL was created earlier this year and has not filed a tax return yet.  There is no available information about how much money they have raised or who the officers are.
  • The Arizona Secretary of State forwarded campaign finance violations by Americans for Responsible Leadership to the state Attorney General for legal violations, including not providing information to demonstrate that its purpose isn’t primarily to influence elections. 
  • According to the Arizona Corporation Commission system, Americans for Responsible Leadership is NOT in good standing with the State of Arizona – its annual report was due July 26, 2012 and has yet to be filed.
  • The California Fair Political Practices Commission, the state's watch dog group, filed suit against the ARL after the dark-money group refused to disclose its mystery donors.

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2.     Sacramento Bee "Mystery Arizona group sends $11 million to fight unions, Gov. Jerry Brown" - 10/17/2012

3.     LA Times: "California watchdog sues Arizona group over secret donors" - 10/26/2012

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